Painting the roofs.

  • Degreasing.

Before prime coating or painting, an obligatory degreasing of roofing, which is often forgotten, has to be done. We choose good and qualitative degreasing tools. It will help the paint last much longer. Call us, and we will reach an agreement.

  • Painting of metal.

Protects metal roofing from rust and corrosion. It must not be forgotten that the main thing is cleaning, degreasing and prime coating of the roofing – then the paint will truly last much longer.

  • Binary paint.

These are very sustainable and durable paints, which are used for almost any surfaces, even concrete surfaces. But, the most important are the preparation works: cleaning, degreasing and prime coating, so this paint will serve for a long time.

  • Silver paint.

Silver paint is mostly used for asphalt and tin roofing. This paint deflects UV radiation, preventing the roofing to heat up. It also serves as additional protection against emergence of microcracks.

  • Prime coating.

The durability of your paint and roofing mostly depends of preparation and prime coating of the roof. We offer qualitative roofing preparation works.

  • With protective layer.

Application of protective layer serves in case of emergence of microcracks. For your roof to last longer we recommend once every five years for prevention purposes, to apply the roofing with protective layer.

  • Waterproofing sloping roofs.

Waterproofing of sloping roofs is one of the ways to increase the service of roof for many years. With well waterproofed junctions, the roof is made into monolithic surface. If the chosen material is good, then the roofing will serve for a long time. Our experts will deck the roofing qualitatively, because it is important to choose the right materials, as well as the experience of experts.