Roof cleaning.

  • From snow.

We will qualitatively clear your roof from snow, icicles, and icing without any damage to your roofing. Cleaning the roof in time does not create any threat to bystanders and does not damage your roofing. Our professionals will clear your roof and will help with the snow removal. We carry out free inspection of the roofs in spring for our regular clients.

  • From leaves.

We will clear your roof and drainage from leaves and other objects, which should not be on the roof. Not clearing the roof in time can do damage both the roofing and the performance of drainage. We will clear your roof and drainage with professional tools without damaging them.

  • From moss.

Many people think that presence of moss on the roof is a décor; there are, of course, specialized roofing with triple waterproofing, on which it is possible to maintain a garden, but mostly the moss creates cracks, microcracks, which are hard to see. We recommend clearing the roof from moss in good time, before the constructions are damaged and the roofing has to be changed. After clearing the moss, it is mandatory to use preventive measures for prevention of microcracks. Call us, and we will reach an agreement.