Roof heat insulation.

  • Waterproofing of basements.

When the ground water level rises, the basements are flooded and mold and fungus start to grow. We recommend carrying out qualitative waterproofing works to prevent humidity in your basement, by consulting with our experts.

  • Attic.

Attic heat insulation is an energy saving measure, which is best sensed by the top floor tenants. If the heat insulation is decked correctly, the drainage systems and the roofs don’t glaciate during the winter. Call us, and we will help you to find the most optimal choice for your attic.

  • Low sloped roofs.

By choosing the proper materials and the width of heat insulation, huge energy savings are achieved, by discharging ventilation condensate. We have a lot of experience in heat insulation of industrial and commercial buildings. We will create an opportunity to give consultations and to carry out the respective heat insulation works for your roof.

  • Rafter roofs.

The heat insulation of rafter roofs has to be carried out with correctly chosen materials, without forgetting about the possibilities of emergence of condensate. All of these operations are individual to every roof. Our professionals will help you find the most optimal solution for your roof.